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Saved me so many hours
Rorey, Business student

Upword has saved me so many hours processing through documents and making it a breeze! I use it for a mix of work & studying. I have already recommended Upword to my colleagues at Oxford!

Obsessed with Upword!
Sofia, MBA student

Hey guys! Obsessed with Upword - was a lifesaver for an assignment I had due on the weekend.

Love the idea behind it!
Mav, Researcher

I have been using this amazing tool for almost half a year when it was still a demo version and I ab- solutely love the idea behind it and how game-changing it could be for researchers who deal with lots of documents and articles!

Fantastic app!
Josh, Marketing student

Upword is my new home for studies and reading. Highly recommend it.

I'm actually retaining information better
Kevin, Content writer

I feel like I'm actually retaining information better and getting a better preview of what to expect from the text before I even start reading. "Priming", I think they called it? Either way, flipping amazing tool.

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