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Every article you upload is securely stored in your personal library, for life. Create folders and reading lists, tag content and share articles with friends to keep your lifelong knowledge managed and in control. Create folders and reading lists, tag content and share articles with friends to keep your lifelong knowledge managed and in control.

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UNC, Undergraduate psychology student

I enjoy the platform as something new and interactive that is fresh and fun. I enjoy the separation of preview and reading / skim modes. I think having the two modes is perfect to separate the two style of learning. Build in dictionary and highlighter were awesome features I really found useful! The navigation and layout of the platform was easy to move around in."

Northeastern University, Psychology student

A class that I had a lot of reading assignments in was Global Development. Since each of these reading assignments were several pages, it was easy to get confused while I was reading. By using Upword's interface, I’ll be able to annotate and have a better understanding of my reading assignments in future classes."

Indiana University, Humanities student

Much of the learning in my courses came through learning articles. Each article was extremely helpful, but long and difficult to understand. There were times where my ability to comprehend the material was hindered by the complexity of the text. Upword has been helpful to break down the article into a more manageable form that I could effectively learn from."

NYU, Business school student

Love the preview feature, that gives me an oversight and preps my brain. The text magic is great and love that I can save and organize my reading."

Texas University, Social science student