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Freaking incredible!

I just signed up for Upword and it’s freaking incredible. The AI pulls out exactly the right pieces of information I would have highlighted myself, and compiles it into a well streamlined and cohesive document. I am so grateful!

Lauren, Junior product manager

Saved me so many hours

Upword has saved me so many hours processing through documents and making it a breeze! I use it for a mix of work & studying. I have already recommended Upword to my colleagues at Oxford!

Rorey, Business student

Obsessed with Upword!

Hey guys! Obsessed with Upword - was a lifesaver for an assignment I had due on the weekend.

Sofia, MBA student

I have finally found an AI-reader that I trust

I just wanted to say that I love Upword and that it's saved me so much time and I have finally found an AI-reader that I trust to not miss the most important things! Thank you!

Brennan, Private equity

I absolutely love Upword

I absolutely love Upword. It makes summarizing very easy. It so easy to use"

Natasha, Business analyst

Fantastic app!

Upword is my new home for studies and reading. Highly recommend it.

Josh, Marketing student

Makes reading through boring PDF's much better

I love using upword as a user; I use it for a mix of work & studying. The design is also like the cherry on the cake - it really reflects the brand and makes reading through boring PDF's much better.

Sam, Financial analyst

The results are impressive

I have tested Upword for several months and the results are impressive. I shared some of the output with colleagues who couldn't believe that the text had been created using a solution.

Jose, Executive

I'm actually retaining information better

I feel like I'm actually retaining information better and getting a better preview of what to expect from the text before I even start reading. "Priming", I think they called it? Either way, flipping amazing tool.

Kevin, Content writer

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