Private by design

Upword firmly upholds your right to privacy. All your personal data and information remain strictly confidential unless you actively decide to share it. Our AI assistant operates with a privacy-first approach, never transcribing or recording your conversations until you explicitly grant permission. Your privacy is the default setting, ensuring your data remains secure.

Committed to your data security

Data encrypted

Upword utilizes AWS for secure and reliable hosting. We employ AES-256 encryption for data during transit and ensure safe storage of user profiles, content and documents within our services.

User data

Upword will never use user's personal data or any data uploaded to train any external service such as OpenAI or any other services. The data will only be used locally for better user experience and we will never sell or advertise it.

Monitoring and auditing

Through regular audits and real-time monitoring, we enforce security standards and swiftly address any potential threats. This proactive approach allows us to minimize risk, providing you with peace of mind regarding your data security.


Can I delete my account?

Yes, anytime.

How does Upword protect my data?

Upword employs advanced encryption, secure servers, and regular security audits to protect your data and ensure unauthorized access is prevented.

Where does Upword store my end-user data?

Upword securely stores your data on encrypted servers, adhering to the highest data protection standards.

What does Upword do with my data?

Upword uses your data solely for enabling and optimizing your personal use of the application; we do not access, analyze, or share your content for any other purposes.

Does Upword sell my data?


What type of cookies does Upword use?

Upword uses essential cookies for website functionality and security, as well as performance cookies to understand and improve your user experience.

What personal information does Upword collect about me?

Upword collects minimal personal information, such as name, email for account creation and communication, alongside non-identifiable usage data to enhance our services.

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