The Top 5 Tools Every Marketing Professional Should Use

Want to take your marketing to the next level? 

These days, for business owners, entrepreneurs, and every type of marketing professional, there are thousands of apps to make your work easier, faster, and more effective. 

So which are worth using? Here is our list of the top 5 tools every marketer should have in 2023.


The HubSpot mobile CRM suite offers you end-to-end support for managing contacts, tracking tasks, handling emails, and monitoring marketing efforts. Save time on admin tasks, connect with your customers with real-time notifications when there’s a new chat or email, and keep track of progress towards goals with forecasts and reports. Plus schedule and review social media posts, and so much more. 

Especially effective for startups, Hubspot helps startups save 30%-90% on all the tools needed to increase leads, accelerate sales, and streamline customer service. 

And you can do everything anywhere anytime – all straight from your iPhone. There might just be no better app to help you stay organized and efficient in your marketing and customer management efforts.


Design anything and everything with Canva, an app that helps you easily create high-quality graphics, posts, emails, and so much more. Using pre-built templates, Canva lets you drag and drop hundreds of different image elements to create designs you want to share — and that clearly and aesthetically display the voice of your brand. Even better, Canva’s integrated sharing tools let you easily push images to multiple social media platforms.

If you just need a simple image editor, Canva is free and a great choice. If you’ll be designing on a daily basis and need more tools and features, it’s just $10 per month.


The Bitly mobile app allows you to shorten/manage links, as well as easily connect multiple social networks and track the performance of links across each network. You can use Bitly to see where campaigns are working, and where they can be optimized.

It’s a great option for marketers with plenty of options allowing you to customize links and QR codes according to your brand. You can also create a link-in-bio page. Plus, Bitly includes advanced analytics and tracking for your brand.

The best part is, it’s free!


Hootsuite lets marketers stay connected across all social accounts. Create content, edit, schedule and publish posts, monitor activity and mentions, and manage comments and messages – all from a single iPhone app. With Hootsuite, you and your team can schedule posts to publish on the channel of choice at the ideal frequency. You can also see what’s coming up with Hootsuite’s easy calendar function.

We love Hootsuite because it’s free and easy to use, all you need is an iPhone! Without having to worry about scheduling or pulling content across multiple channels, It’ll make your social media management stress-free.


With Later, you can visually plan and schedule your Instagram and other social media posts. Map out your entire feed to create a posting schedule that’s both content-rich and aesthetically pleasing. 

Later uses easy drag-and-drop functionality to upload pictures and videos from your phone, straight onto the app – with unlimited storage space. It also simplifies your posts by allowing you to save captions, user tags, and location tags.

For free, Later is a fantastic content scheduler and organizer for the visually inclined. 

Written with love by Upword 🙂