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The Next Generation Of CliffsNotes, For Students & Professionals – What You Should Be Using For Summarized Content Now

CliffsNotes reigned for decades as the saving grace for high school and college students short on time to complete reading assignments. Designed for students of a wide variety of subjects, CliffsNotes helps with tricky classes and cumbersome exams, by offering free resources such as articles and guides. Most people utilize CliffsNotes by reading the summary version of a book chapter or play act to quickly comprehend the key points. 

CliffsNotes certainly served its purpose, but in 2023, we discovered that students need something more powerful.

Students taking courses that require high understanding and knowledge consumption – such as business, finance, marketing, pre-med, pre-law, biology, and more – need more than a study guide. The amount of time and effort it takes to read through CliffsNotes, with 20,000+ words to consume, in addition to the piece of content the student is actually required to read, is no longer the fastest or most efficient way to consume and understand texts. 

Read less and understand more

But what’s the alternative? How can you read less and understand more?

Well, here’s your answer: Artificial Intelligence. 

We built Upword as the latest in content summary technology– an AI tool that allows you to read your texts up to 10x faster than normal and retain knowledge at a higher level by capturing key ideas from content.

The AI processes content to extract the key ideas for you within mere moments. You work with the AI to build your summary, add comments, highlight, simplify text, translate, and more – so you can personalize your notes and summaries. Once you’re finished, you can publish, share, listen, and save it in your workspace for life.

Unlike CliffsNotes or other summary tools which only give you more to consume, Upword cuts your reading time by up to 85%

It’s the definition of working smarter, not harder

The dawn of AI technologies

While CliffsNotes was once a fantastic and helpful tool, it has aged out. With the dawn of AI technologies, the future of content summarization is now. Upword was created with the modern student and professional in mind - and genuine interest in helping to foster more productive content workflows without sacrificing knowledge.