10X Your Research Edge: The AI That Works For You

In the latest episode of Caveminds, I enjoyed chatting with Ben and sharing our vision here at Upword. We talked about the genesis of Upword, and its pivotal role in enhancing day-to-day knowledge and research tasks.

We also discussed the challenges of building Upword, penetrating the market, and collecting feedback while building the actual product.

Finally, we discussed my experience as a founder building in Generative AI today.

Tune in to hear how Upword is crafted to serve as your indispensable "second brain" for information retention and contextualization. IN THIS EPISODE: [00:03:09] The journey towards creating Upword [00:06:22] The inspiration behind Upword [00:11:03] Upword's benefits for businesses [00:15:30] Enhancing research efficiency with Upword [00:21:48] Discussing Upword as a "second brain" [00:24:00] The science behind Upword [00:28:16] Overcoming challenges as a non-technical founder [00:35:26] The importance of feedback in Upword's development [00:39:25] Navigating the AI landscape with Upword [00:47:05] What's currently missing in AI?