Introducing Upword Fetch

Our vision for Upword has always been to create the best research platform in the world, powered by AI. As a step in this direction, we are releasing Upword Fetch as a new research feature. Upword Fetch is the “search” in research, allowing state of the art AI to help our users map, find and surface the best content sources for their research projects.

This new release not only saves hours of time spent on searching the web for content but also connects directly into the Upword research process steps alongside Upword’s other research features and tools.

Upword Fetch is available to our users and customers in a Beta version at first, to test the quality of the feature and collect feedback. In the future we will release the full feature with usage limitations according to the different Upword plans.

Save hours of time searching for content

The new Fetch feature is built on top of a smart prompt. Upon starting a new research project, our users add a project description where they define exactly what they need. in simple and natural words. This description leads the AI to find the best matching content sources from the web, weighing in both the proximity of the content to the description and the credibility of the source. It’s like having a personal research assistant fetching the content for your research for you, but in moments!

Start from the project description:

Next, you will choose the Fetch tab in the content section and get a list of the recommended content for your research. Each content has a score reflecting the fit from 0-100. You can open this source in a new tab if you need to take a closer look. When you are ready you simply click ADD and the source is added to your research source list.

Add your own content to go along with it

Upword allows you to add your own content to the research source list to go along with the Fetch results. The point is that we designed Upword to support anything you want or need to do during the entire research projects. So, it only makes sense you can add your content together with the AI’s suggested content and move on from there.

Move on to the Upword Research Hub

After finalizing the source list for your research, you will move into the Upword Reseach Hub - our digital version of a traditional “working desk” - where you have all the research sources on the left side and our AI Notepad on the right end side. The goal is to allow you to identify, extract and collect all the key ideas and takeaways from the content, faster and better, using a variety of AI tools: summarizations, note-taking, highlights, rephrasing etc.

You also have the AI copilot with you at all times if you have questions or you need someone to brainstorm or ideate with. Eventually you collect the ideas that matter to you, and you can move on to generating a new document that you can read, listen and share with others.