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Raving Fans: How AI Helps Me Every Day

Most of us interact with AI on a daily basis, and we don’t even realize it. From the mundane to the spectacular, artificial intelligence is already disrupting nearly every business in every industry. As AI technologies prevail, they are becoming vital to maintaining a competitive edge.

Initially, I felt threatened by AI

I work as a content writer, and daily I am tasked with consuming and researching dense content, as well as creating long-form pieces of writing, such as articles and blogs. So when I started hearing about AI tech becoming more and more commonplace, my attention was piqued. I had to ask myself 'what does this mean for my line of work? Is it possible that machine learning could replace my role?’

Initially, I felt threatened by the advancement of AI, as it can mimic many of my job functions, such as researching, summarizing, and writing. In the media, there has been discussion about whether AI will replace content writers altogether. It’s true that AI forces us to change how we do business and work overall, but many experts agree that AI can never completely replace human roles in society.

Though computers learn from experience much faster than humans can, AI doesn’t have any emotion, intuition, or personality. The thinking process an AI machine goes through is much more black-and-white than a human’s, which is an advantage for today’s content writers. I have found that organizations need a real person to fill that gap – to integrate empathy, compassion, and personality into their work.

The AI works with me

AI can never replace humans entirely – and what a relief! In fact, I've discovered some major benefits of utilizing AI in my day to day functions. It has really helped me maximize my time and abilities, and is affording me more opportunities to focus on larger and more important tasks, while AI takes care of logistics.

After embracing the benefits of working with AI, my work has become far more efficient and effective. By a wide margin, the most useful tool I have utilized in my job is Upword – an AI that scans text and then captures what's actually important. It has cut my reading time in half while giving me valuable summaries and key ideas. The best part is, it still allows me to make my own notes and edits as I please, which means it’s not just working for me, but with me.

Before, it would take me hours to get through heavy texts, articles, or research material – now, with my time maximized, I’m able to focus my energy on the projects I’m most passionate about, with better use of my time.

AI is our future

AI has made managing my knowledge intake not only bearable, but enjoyable and efficient! Gone are the days when I ignored artificial intelligence tools – AI is here to stay and working with it is transformative.

You too, as a content writer, can embrace the acceleration of AI technology, utilizing it in your daily life to maximize your time, abilities, and skill sets – while still advancing your career based on your experience, personality, and attributes that machines just can’t match.