Our story

We are a passionate team of avid readers and lifelong learners who are obsessive about building a better experience for knowledge collection and consumption.

But knowledge collection is not enough. People work so hard to own new information, with a clear goal: to use it, to apply it. This is why we are building a new way to actually use what you know, to consume your lifelong knowledge exactly when you need it.

Reading efficiency is a superpower. Being productive about using what you know, is a game-changer and an unfair advantage.


Our mission

To turn you into a //super learner//

The >> science behind Upword


Our platform

With Upword, professionals, students & lifelong learners can transform any content into an interactive reading experience designed for engagement & retention. Our platform is built on insights from cognitive science about how humans learn best, so you’ll get your reading done quicker, retain information longer, & actually have fun doing it.

We are building a whole new way of consuming what you already know. From our Beta with basic reading elements to our full, live, robust product, which will transform your knowledge into audio-bite playlists.

Our natural language processing engine identifies key information in the text, & auto-generates the Upword signature AI features. After saving time on capturing new information, we use cutting edge technologies to help you consume what you know, the way you love.

The outcome >>

Read *twice* as fast

With Upword, professionals, students & lifelong learners read twice as fast & understand what they need. Our users become much more productive, making the most out of their time.


Our { values }

Everything we do at Upword encourages curiosity, embraces exploration, and motivates people to keep going - at whatever pace works best for them. Here are the values that collectively guide our decisions and actions:

Empower learners and obsess over learning
Empower learners & obsess over learning
Respond and lead with integrity
Respond & lead with integrity
Understand one another and cultivate a family-like culture
Understand one another & cultivate a family-like culture
Take full accountability for our actions, and hold each other accountable
Take full accountability for our actions, & hold each other accountable
Default to transparency and candor
Default to transparency & candor
Improve ruthlessly and focus on excellence
Improve ruthlessly & focus on excellence

Our culture

We are on a mission towards building the next generation of knowledge productivity. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to re-shape the way people capture, collect and use their life knowledge.

At Upword, we combine hard work & fun — all part of our family like culture. We deeply believe in our mission & are fully committed to achieve it each & every day.

Our culture

Read //smarter//, not harder.

Upword will optimize your reading skills to boost your knowledge productivity.